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A full induction providing you with all the information you need to know in order to achieve your goals. Your coach will send you a video overview talking through your training AND provide you with a full induction document. At LCF, we appreciate that not everybody takes in information the same, so we adapt to cater for all types of learning styles.

*Depending on the package you choose, your coach may complete an induction with you over a video call.  


A customised training programme tailored to your personal fitness goals and capabilities. All housed within the LCF branded App with step-by-step exercise tutorials. We work with all experience levels, from beginner to advanced lifters. At home and gym training options are available. Your coach will ask you for training footage, that way we can review form and intensity and provide coaching and feedback. This isn’t a mandatory requirement, but it’s a very effective way of ensuring you get the best out of your training. 


You will learn all about macronutrients, caloric intake, how to manage a balanced diet in a non-restrictive way and all about food timing. Your coach will calculate and set your personal nutritional targets based on your goals. It’s a complex part of your programme so we always allow plenty of time to work out what works for you and continue to make tweaks as you progress.

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A friendly introductory video call to get to know you more and discuss how we can help you with your health and fitness goals. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask as many questions as you want and get a good feel for working with us. 


You will be fully supported through 121 contact with your assigned coach. You will chat through the LCF branded App or WhatsApp. Clients are our number one priority, so providing support is never an issue. 


Accountability. Every week, you will provide your coach with information related to your programme via a check-in form. This is a way to ensure you are being honest with yourself, staying on top of your healthy habits, gives your coach a good holistic view of your progress and allows you to reflect back on your own progress. Your coach will provide you with feedback and support on the back of this, often setting new actions for you to work on.


Results are achieved when you follow the advice given to you by your coach. Results will differ from person to person and cannot always be guaranteed. We can promise you that if you give your programme 100% and trust the process with some patience, you will experience real results, results that you will be VERY happy with.



Experience a transformation that goes beyond appearance. Embrace a lifestyle that prioritises your well-being, happiness, and self-assurance. Say goodbye to fleeting trends and temporary fixes.

It's about time you truly felt empowered, radiant, and resilient. Allow us to guide you towards a sustainable solution that will bring you lasting confidence, vitality, and strength.

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